We are currently temporarily closing the Polka Store inventory.
During this period you will not be able to buy from the Polka catalog.

This is an effort to negotiate new Copyright contracts for our CD and DVD collection.
We are rebuilding our store database.
Please check back with us soon and contact us if you wish.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Keep enjoying "Happy Music for Happy People" and Thank You!



Watch Big Joe classic shows now on RFDTV.
Check for schedule.

JOE left behind a legacy of the finest Polka music available. We are now ready, in his honor,
to continue his story by offering you access to the finest Polka bands and artists you can find.
We have hundreds of CD's and DVD's in our store. Amazing Polka artists with a variety second to none.
Enter our online store and browse through American, Bohemian, Czech,  German, Polish, Slovenian Polkas and many more.
We offer all types of Polkas, Waltzes, Obereks and Schottishes. If you like Polka music we have something you 
will surely enjoy. 
Thank You for your support over the years and stay tuned for many more suprise events in the near future.
"Keep a smile on your face and a Polka beat in your heart"
Martha Siedlik...."Marty"


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